Frank Perry

Filmography on IMDb

While earning his biology degree in Upstate New York, Frank Perry prepared for a career in California working with whales and dolphins. Instead, while simultaneously providing tech support in Silicon Valley, his acting career began onstage in Oakland with a four week run of 'Harvey.' After his first night before the footlights, he never looked back! 

Frank's most recent indies include 'Silver Case' and 'Walk a Mile in My Pradas', and he can count Verizon Wireless among his commercial credits. His most recent short 'Annabel Lee,' where he played the lead role, just received the "Award of Merit: Use of Film for Social Change" at the 2014 International Best Shorts Competition. He looks forward to working on any project involving Aaron Sorkin or Shonda Rhimes. 

A runner since the age of four, he has completed the San Francisco 'Bay to Breakers' cross-city footrace 18 times. His fun with accents could show up during any conversation, and his love of the outdoors includes the desire to hike the Appalachian Trail. Along those lines, if you need any log splitting done, he's your guy.